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Chesler & Associates

📍 Based in United States, since 1999


"Because we represent such a diverse array of mills, fabrications are available in just about every fiber and every blend imaginable. With and without stretch. Yarn-dye. Piece-die. And printed, too."
- Chesler & Associates

Chesler & Associates is a textile agent company located in New York City’s garment center. They represent over 30 innovative and quality textile mills. The majority of the mills are based in Italy, Asia, Japan, and Australia. With over 35 years of experience, they provide customers with the best fabrics and solutions. Their fabrics serve every need and inspire new projects. Their range of textiles includes novelties, knits, woven, silk, fur, lace and so much more. Visit our NYC showroom to take a look at Chesler & Associates' latest collection. 

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