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📍 Based in Italy, HK & Shanghai since 1995


"Passion for my job and my collaborators' professional support has helped me to give birth to new ideas and products, thus realizing what really matters: transforming creativity into concrete projects to contribute either to the customer's or to the Unizip team's satisfaction."
- Cit. Simonetta Pasini

Founded in Modena 1995, Unizip is our zipper supplier that can create a wide range of zippers- from basic to novelties. Unzip is also established in Shanghai and Hong Kong, as support production plants in the Far-East areas. Nowadays the Unizip Group can serve its customers all over the world, keeping quality and service on a higher level: all this makes Unizip proud of its work, based on innovation and customer satisfaction. Visit our NYC showroom to take a look at our latest collection with Unizip. 

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